The Uncanny Test

The Uncanny Test: Exploring Freud's Theory in a Horror Game

How to Play

Can you tell the difference in uncanny people and normal people? Then The Uncanny Test might be right for you. Put on your headphones for a better experience!

Test your knowledge on Freud's theory of 'The Uncanny' with this intriguing quiz. Explore concepts of fear, repulsion, and distress as you delve into inanimate figures, severed limbs, ghosts, and doppelgangers.


I play a horror game called 'The Uncanny Test'. It's a simple test about choosing whether something is uncanny or not... seems easy, right?

"Can you tell the difference in uncanny people and normal people? Then this test might be right for you.

!! Headphones for better experience !! !!! Please note, the game is still in early development. !!!

The full game of The Uncanny Test will be a storyline game. The name "The Uncanny Test" may change, but the type of test remains about the same, but all questions will be different.

The game also gets different endings based on what choices you make. More than a good and bad ending.

The full game may become a new project so that the original "The Uncanny Test [DEMO]" can always be played.

Thank you so much for all the support on the demo game. It helps a lot with the motivation to create a fantastic game.

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