Squid Game Minecraft

Do you want to try something new in the world of Minecraft? Squid Game Minecraft is the coolest and most interesting map for Minecraft PE, where you will play games! But beware, if you lose, you will be eliminated. Of course, you can start playing again. This map is an exciting adaptation of the popular survival drama series from South Korea, bringing intense competition and thrilling gameplay into the Minecraft universe.

What is Squid Game Minecraft?

Squid Game Minecraft is a custom map designed for Minecraft PE, inspired by the hit Korean survival drama series. This map is set on a remote island far out at sea, where escape is impossible due to the surrounding waters. Players are monitored by masked guards and must participate in a series of children's games. The catch? Losing a game means elimination. The map features six different games and includes over a hundred players, creating a highly competitive environment. The unique setting and gameplay mechanics make Squid Game Minecraft an intriguing and challenging experience for players.

How to Play Squid Game Minecraft

  • Gather Friends or Join Online:

    • Squid Game Minecraft can be played solo, with friends, or with players from around the world.
  • Understand the Map Layout:

    • Familiarize yourself with the large map before starting. This will help you navigate the different areas and plan your strategies.
  • Participate in Six Games:

    • There are six distinct games to compete in, each with its own rules and objectives.
  • Team Up for Better Chances:

    • Form alliances and act as a team. This can increase your chances of survival, especially during tougher challenges.
  • Stay Alert for Nighttime Fights:

    • Be cautious at night when the lights go out. Masked guards might not be watching, and fights can break out.
  • Use Mods for Enhanced Gameplay:

    • Mods are allowed, which can enhance your gameplay experience with additional features and skins.
  • Enjoy the Free Skins:

    • Take advantage of the free skins provided within the game, giving you a unique look.
  • Appreciate the Graphics:

    • The map boasts beautiful graphics, enhancing the overall immersive experience of Squid Game Minecraft.


Squid Game Minecraft offers a unique blend of survival drama and Minecraft creativity. Whether you're playing with friends or joining players from around the world, this map promises intense competition and thrilling gameplay. Prepare yourself, strategize, and immerse in the world of Squid Game Minecraft!

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