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Folding Through Fiction: Exploring the Limits of Paper with Neal Fun's Paper

Paper on Neal Fun isn't your typical game with points or competition. Instead, it's a captivating thought experiment that explores the theoretical possibilities of paper folding. Through a simple yet engaging interface, it invites you to ponder the exponential growth that occurs with each fold, ultimately reaching astronomical heights that challenge our understanding of scale.

What is it?

Developed by Neal Agarwal, Paper presents a single sheet of virtual paper and a simple prompt: "Fold." With each click, the paper folds in half, its thickness doubling. The game displays the increasing thickness alongside real-world comparisons, highlighting the rapid growth that occurs with each fold.

How does it work?

  1. Access the website: Visit the Paper page on Neal Fun.
  2. Start folding: Click the "Fold" button repeatedly to observe the paper's thickness increase.
  3. Witness the growth: As you fold, the thickness is displayed alongside real-world object comparisons, providing a tangible perspective on the exponential growth.
  4. Reach for the moon: Continue folding until the paper's theoretical height surpasses the distance to the moon, prompting a celebratory message.

Beyond the Fold:

Paper offers more than just a virtual folding experience:

  • Sparks Curiosity: Ignites questions about the limitations of materials, the power of exponential growth, and the fascinating interplay between theory and reality.
  • Challenges Intuition: Our everyday experiences don't prepare us for the exponential nature of folding, prompting us to reconsider our assumptions about scale and growth.
  • Provides a Gateway to Math: Offers a playful introduction to the concept of exponential functions and their remarkable impact on various aspects of the world.

People Also Ask:

  • Who created Neal Fun? Neal Fun is a collection of games created by Neal Agarwal, an independent game developer.
  • What is the folded paper game called? While there isn't a single definitive name, "Paper Folding" or "The Folding Paper Experiment" are commonly used terms.


Paper is not just about mindlessly clicking a button. It's an invitation to engage with the wonders of mathematics, ponder the theoretical possibilities of everyday objects, and appreciate the vastness and complexity of the world around us. So, keep folding, explore the limits, and allow yourself to be surprised by the power of a simple piece of paper.

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