Infinite Chef

Infinite Chef is a cooking simulator that can be played in your browser. With a sophisticated dish name generator that can accept any of hundreds of ingredients, Infinite Chef is the ultimate virtual kitchen.

What is Infinite Chef?

Infinite Chef is an innovative browser-based cooking simulator featuring over 400 ingredients. It offers players the chance to create unique dishes using a smart dish name generator, which assigns names based on the chosen ingredients. This system enables endless combinations and creativity in the kitchen.

How to Play Infinite Chef

  • Start Cooking:

    • Visit the Infinite Chef page and you'll begin with an empty pot.
    • Begin typing to search for an ingredient. Press a result to select it.
    • Once an ingredient is selected, tap anywhere above the bowl to drop it in.
  • Cooking and Mixing:

    • You can heat, blend, and mix ingredients together.
    • To serve your dish, press the checkmark icon, and the simulation will generate a dish name based on the ingredients used.
  • Stack Mode and Blending:

    • If you prefer a different setup, try Stack Mode to place ingredients on a plate.
    • Use the Blend tool to mix ingredients, such as blending fruit to create mixed juices.


  • Wide Variety of Ingredients:

    • Over 400 ingredients to choose from, with more to be added based on community suggestions.
  • State-of-the-Art Dish Name Generator:

    • Automatically generates dish names based on your ingredient combinations, offering a personalized touch to each creation.
  • Versatile Cooking Methods:

    • Options to heat, blend, and mix ingredients in various ways to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Interactive and User-Friendly Interface:

    • Simple and intuitive controls that make cooking fun and accessible for everyone.

Tips for Infinite Chef

  • Experiment Freely:

    • Don’t hesitate to try different combinations of ingredients. The dish name generator will provide creative names, making each dish unique.
  • Utilize Stack Mode:

    • Use Stack Mode to get a different perspective and style of presenting your ingredients.
  • Blend for Unique Results:

    • Use the Blend tool to create interesting mixtures, especially with fruits and other blendable ingredients.
  • Stay Updated:

    • Keep an eye out for new ingredients, recipes, and features added based on community feedback.

With Infinite Chef, the possibilities in your virtual kitchen are endless. Dive into this cooking simulator to explore, create, and enjoy the art of cooking like never before.

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