Home Rush Draw to Home

Home Rush: Draw to Home is a delightful rescue game that offers both excitement and simplicity in gameplay. With its charming collection of babuddies and houses, players are immersed in a world where they can test their drawing skills and intelligence.

How to Play

  • Draw a straight path from the parents' house to the buddies.
  • Avoid collisions between two individuals.
  • Beware of aggressive dogs, holes, and other dangerous obstacles.
  • Collect coins while rescuing the buddies.
  • Ensure everyone returns home safely to win the game.

The game presents numerous challenges with increasing difficulty levels, including deep holes, fierce animals like the Blue Monster, Grimace, BanBam, and more. Players must demonstrate their skills to conquer these challenges and successfully guide the buddies back home.

Additionally, players can customize their experience by collecting coins to exchange for different appearances of buddies or houses, allowing for personalization based on preference. Paying attention to the outfits' colors ensures each buddy returns to the correct home. This aspect adds a layer of strategy and brain training to the gameplay.


  • Many exciting levels and simple gameplay.
  • Enjoy a beautiful collection of babuddies and houses.
  • Test your drawing skills and intelligence.
  • Helps you relax after tiring working days.

Home Rush: Draw to Home provides a perfect balance of challenge and relaxation, making it an ideal choice for gamers seeking both entertainment and mental stimulation.

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