Death by AI

Step into a world where AI holds all the cards. Will it be your ally, or will it pull the plug? Choose wisely, because it's not programmed to care!

Death by AI is an online prompt-based survival multiplayer game that challenges players to navigate unpredictable scenarios where AI dictates the outcome. Whether you're playing with friends, family, or coworkers on mobile or web, every decision could be a matter of life or "death."

What is Death by AI?

Death by AI immerses players in a dynamic survival experience where they must respond to AI-generated prompts that determine their fate. The game supports 1-10 players, offering 50+ free survival scenarios that range from mundane daily dilemmas to intense life-or-death situations. The AI's decisions are unpredictable, ensuring each playthrough is unique.

How to Play Death by AI

  1. Joining a Game: Start by creating or joining a lobby with your group. Each player can connect via mobile devices or web browsers.

  2. Scenario Selection: Choose from a variety of scenarios, each presenting different challenges and decisions influenced by the AI.

  3. Prompt Response: Players receive prompts from the AI that describe a situation and ask for a decision or action. Your choices affect the outcome of the scenario.

  4. Outcome Resolution: The AI evaluates the responses and determines the consequences based on its programming, leading to various outcomes from survival to... well, the opposite.

  5. Lobby Interaction: Between scenarios, use the lobby to discuss strategies, debrief on outcomes, or simply hang out with fellow players.

Features of Death by AI

  • Supports 1-10 Players: Play with a small group or a larger gathering, making it ideal for different social settings.

  • 50+ Free Survival Scenarios: Explore a wide range of scenarios, ensuring each session feels fresh and challenging.

  • Limitless Possibilities with AI: Experience unpredictable outcomes as the AI adapts to player decisions, offering limitless replayability.

  • Lobby to Hangout: Utilize the lobby space to interact with other players, strategize, or unwind between intense scenarios.

Tips for Success

  • Communication is Key: Coordinate with your team to make informed decisions that maximize survival chances.

  • Adaptability: Be prepared for unexpected twists and turns—flexibility is crucial in responding to AI-generated scenarios.

  • Learn from Each Outcome: Reflect on past scenarios to improve decision-making in future games, as each experience adds to your strategic depth.

Death by AI challenges players to navigate a world where AI determines their fate, offering a thrilling blend of strategy, cooperation, and unpredictable outcomes. Whether you're strategizing for survival or simply enjoying the unpredictable nature of AI-driven scenarios, every session promises a unique and engaging experience.

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