Counter Craft Lego Clash

Counter Craft: Lego Clash is a first-person multiplayer deathmatch shooter game with 5 maps to choose from, each one made of LEGO parts. Enter the gaming arena and sharpen your aim! Are you ready for action? Enjoy an exciting FPS action game with incredible graphics in Counter Craft: Lego Clash and get ready to mercilessly annihilate your opponents as you move through a unique arena created with thousands of colorful Lego blocks.

What is Counter Craft: Lego Clash?

Prepare for an unparalleled experience across 5 unique maps and wield your weapons to protect your back and kill your opponents before they can take your life. Create your own arcade, choose your position on the battlefield and defend yourself with all kinds of weapons against your enemies' attacks! Survive the massacre and have a great time with this colorful version of the famous Counter Strike as you explore the territory cautiously, collect ammo, and become the best player. Good luck, soldier!

This FPS online multiplayer game features 5 different maps where your mission is to use various weapons to shoot all rival players and try to get the highest score by the end of each round. It is a great FPS shooting game for low-end PCs because it has minimal background graphics to reduce lag and improve performance. Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • WASD – Move.
  • Space – Jump.
  • C – Crouch.
  • LMB – Shoot.
  • RMB – Aim.
  • R – Reload.
  • P – Pause menu.
  • 1, 2, 3 – Select weapon.

Enjoy your time in the vibrant and competitive world of Counter Craft: Lego Clash!

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