Capybara Runner

Capybara Runner invites players into an exhilarating endless runner adventure through lush landscapes, treacherous obstacles, and heart-pounding challenges!

What is Capybara Runner?

Capybara Runner is a Gorilla Tag based fan game that emphasizes amazing movement and much more! With Limited Cosmetics and continuous updates promised, this game offers an immersive experience designed to captivate players.

How to Play

Capybara Runner challenges players to navigate through increasingly difficult levels. The objective is to run all the way to the end, overcoming obstacles to reach the hot springs. Failure means starting over, but collected coins persist across attempts.


  • Movement: Enjoy fluid and responsive controls inspired by Gorilla Tag.
  • Obstacles: Encounter a variety of challenges that escalate in difficulty as you progress.
  • Power Gates: Strengthen your capabilities to break through barriers at the finish line.
  • Cake Gates: Grow in size to reach higher and collect more coins along the way.
  • Coin Gates: Rare opportunities to significantly boost your earnings as you advance.


  1. Level Up: As levels become more challenging, focus on upgrading your abilities to improve your chances of success.

  2. Collect Cakes: Cakes scattered throughout the course increase your height, aiding in coin collection and overcoming obstacles.

  3. Strategic Upgrades: Invest in three types of upgrades—strength, cake satisfaction, and coin multipliers—to enhance your performance as you progress.

Future Updates

Expect Capybara Runner to expand with consistent updates, introducing new features, levels, and challenges. The developers are committed to enhancing the game based on player feedback, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience for all enthusiasts.

Embark on your journey with Capybara Runner today, where skill, strategy, and endurance pave the way to victory in this thrilling endless runner game.

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