What is game? is an online multiplayer game featuring Minecraft-like cube worlds. Players can engage in various activities such as building, exploring, parkour, fighting, and more. The game offers different modes with distinct objectives and gameplay mechanics to cater to different preferences.

How to play game?

To play, simply access the game through your web browser on desktop or mobile platforms. Once in the game, you can navigate using the WASD keys, with the option to run by pressing Shift or double-tapping W. You can also crouch using keys like C, Z, , or Caps Lock. Interact with the environment, chat with other players using the T or Enter keys, and open the shop with the B key.

Each game mode in has its own set of controls and objectives. For example, in, players need to navigate through parkour-style levels, while in CubeWarfare, they engage in battles in a third-person shooter setting.

Game Modes

  1. Players must reach the end of the map within a given timeframe by hopping through parkour-style levels.
  2. DoodleCube: Similar to drawing games like, players create objects based on presented themes, and others vote on their representations.
  3. EvilTower: Inspired by Roblox's Tower of Hell, the goal is to reach the top of the tower using parkour skills.
  4. Peaceful: This mode resembles creative mode in Minecraft, allowing players to freely roam, collect resources, and build.
  5. CubeWarfare: Engage in battles against other players in a third-person shooter setting while also building blocks.
  6. New Game Modes: regularly updates with new features and modes to keep players entertained.

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While offers unique gameplay experiences, players may also enjoy similar titles like and Pixel Warfare for additional voxel-based multiplayer action.


  • Explore voxelated worlds for free in your web browser.
  • Play various game modes with different objectives.
  • Earn gold from achievements and spend it in the shop.
  • Join friends in multiplayer games.

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